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Creating sustainable & convenient partnerships to save the planet one step at a time 

At Tech Pro Green we believe that we can work together to create a community of like minded people that are equally as concerned as we are about the damage that fossil fuel based plastics are doing to our home. By placing the health of our planet over what some might view as the more mundane things that businesses usually concern themselves with, we are committed to going the extra mile to replace single use plastics with our home compostable products. Tech Pro Green is proud to be regarded as a leader in the development and production of industrial and home compostable bioplastics that will compost under normal atmospheric conditions, leaving only a biomass that acts as a fertilizer - these truly are green alternatives. Every decision we make is inspired by our mission of making things better together, and by doing so, providing the highest quality green alternative products to both retailers and customers.

The world is a changing place and as people become more aware of the damage caused by years of plastic use, they are demanding that we move towards a plastic free world. At Tech Pro Green, we’ve realised the importance of continually innovating; creating sustainable & convenient partnerships to save the planet one step at a time forms a large part of that effort. Check out our Blastic Product Portfolio where we invite you to browse through our specialised inventory.

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