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Tech Pro Green at ReThink 2022

Tech Pro Green was able to participate in the ReThink HK 2022 event held in Hong Kong on 5th & 6th October. Our booth was located in the European Pavilion and our thanks go to The Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong for assisting us and including us in the Hong Kong based European section. We met some really great people and there was a tremendous amount of interest in our "Blastic - it's not plastic" products as we enter our next stage of development in helping #hongkonggoverment in their efforts of ridding Hong Kong of single use plastic with our completely compostable bioplastic products. In the photos is Martijn Ros, COO and Co-Founder of Tech Pro Green at pre-opening of the event and also stood talking to one of our visitors. The photos are also with Tom Ros, the Managing Director of Techpro Group and Tech Pro Green (with the thumbs up in our compostable disposable glove (just one of our our fully compostable products!) and Martijn with Marsha Gau from GREEN Hospitality, an organisation that acts as "Changemakers in the sustainability landscape of the hospitality industry" and one to whom Martijn gave a presentation to recently.
Our thanks go to our marketing and product designers Sanneke Ros and Dave Officer who have been instrumental in the packaging design and marketing development of Tech Pro Green Blastic products!
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Tech Pro Green Booth

Pre opening display.jpg
Martijn pre opening.jpg

Tech Pro Green COO Setting Up The Booth!

Martijn Ros, COO and Co-Founder of Tech Pro Green setting up the Tech Pro Green booth at ReThink 2022 held 5-6 Oct 2022 in Hong Kong

Tom and Martijn Ros, MD & COO respectively of Tech Pro Green in attendance at the Tech Pro Green booth at ReThink 2022.

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